Vision-Box the global biometric market leader now in Frankfurt

Vision-Box, the global provider of biometric-based digital identity solutions, and the world’s first developer of facial recognition-based travel solutions will open a new location in Frankfurt, to serve Germany, Austria, and Switzerland:

“We want to serve our customers locally and to ensure maximum satisfaction and coverage of our solutions on the ground. We aim to increase our market presence in central Europe and to drive future innovation projects in seamless travel and identity management with local presence”, commented CEO Miguel Leitmann.

The new location, which will be operational from the end of February, will be a new cross-sector platform for research and development projects in various digital transformation areas of passenger processes and citizen experience, such as biometric technology, privacy, and artificial intelligence.

It will be located in Frankfurt’s House of Logistic and Mobility (HOLM), a new interdisciplinary center near Frankfurt Airport dedicated to research in the mobility sector. Frankfurt’s office is also set to be intertwined to its Center of Excellence at Schiphol Airport, where Vision-Box is turning the Seamless Airport 4.0 concept reality.

Ongoing projects in the region and the demand for platforms for digital identity management, especially in the aviation industry, will be managed from Frankfurt from now on.

“Our goal is to help airports, airlines, governments and many other key stakeholders to modernize their processes, taking advantage of huge advancements in digital identity, biometrics and privacy management. New experiences for connected citizens and passengers flow, as well as service levels, are the main points”, says Responsible for the DACH region Markus Pauly.

More than 80 international airports worldwide already use Vision-Box solutions. Vision-Box is responsible for some of the most innovative solutions with the use of biometric data around the world. With Frankfurt, Vision-Box expands its current locations in Sydney, London, São Paulo, Dubai, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Delhi and its headquarters in Lisbon.